About Us

We started out with a cookbook, and discovered the need to support a giant community. For the diagnosed to friends and family members to nurses and doctors, there just isn’t a one-stop-shop for both trained and untrained caregivers. Until now.
Under new leadership, Chemo Kitchen is developing a marketplace for curated products, from anti-inflammatories to zucchini peelers, to buy or gift during any stage of treatment. Here’s how.

Meet our new CEO, Bob Prince

Bob Prince, CEO of Chemo Kitchen

Bob in business.

Bob is a formally trained executive chef who worked in the best kitchens in Seattle. He started his career at Campagne, a critically acclaimed restaurant at Pike Place Market as a sous chef, then went onto cooking television and cookbooks with the Graham Kerr show. Bob followed that with a role as executive chef of Chicken Soup Brigade a non-profit that provided food and other services to people living with HIV/AIDS in Seattle. After a stint as Executive Banquet chef of the W Hotel group a 2004 Follicular Lymphoma diagnosis of lymphoma caused Bob to leave cooking. After remission was achieved, he joined Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting company, helping to grow the brand from 3 cafes to 16, while opening 2 cafes, a pizzeria and roasting operation in NYC. In 2018 back home in Seattle, Bob joined the leadership team at FareStart, a non-profit social enterprise that provides hands-on training in the food service sector.

Bob is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in the consumer retail sector. He owns deep knowledge of social entrepreneurship and non-profit management.  Bob spent his career so far in leadership positions helping lead business operations, financial management and go to market strategies.

Bob is a survivor.

Bob knows something about chemotherapy. His 2004 lymphoma diagnosis led to an initial round of chemo. Follicular Lymphoma is not curable and recurrence is expected. Recurrences in 2009, 2013, 2018 all led to more chemotherapy. Bob underwent a bone marrow transplant in August of 2019 and made a full recovery, with no detectable cancer found.

You can reach Bob at bob@chemokitchen.com


Marketing partner: The Paper Crane Factory

Paper Crane Factory provides full-service agency support for Chemo Kitchen. The cookbook itself was inspired by our founder, Cal McAllister, whose mother is a survivor. Early in treatment, she said, “Chemo makes eating no fun. My favorite foods taste terrible. And I love food. Everyone is poking and prodding and zapping and telling me what to do, and I cannot even eat. It’s exhausting. This sucks.” So, along with Eric Tanaka, Chemo Kitchen was born.

As part of our ongoing support and ownership of Chemo Kitchen, we provide the creative development, content creation, social and traditional media management, project management and brand development for all things Chemo Kitchen needs. We consider ourselves to be a venture capital firm, with our capital being creative time. We help early stage companies preparing to raise multiple rounds of funding and develop a go to market strategy, with a focus on hitting unit economics while turning users and customers into ravenous fans. The Chemo Kitchen project is run by Michelle Sievers, the Director of Partner Success at Paper Crane Factory.